Amir Tallap Ishak Gende
Senior Software Developer,
Working Since 2001.
Contact Information
Mobile: +2 016 471 3651 , +2 011 513 6130
Personal Information:
1988-06.FEB 06:00 UTC :) 23 yrs
Military Status:
Sohag - Egypt.
Now I'm in:
Cairo, since Jul. 18 2011
Marital Status:
I am seeking a new challenge, in a customer-centric organisation. Where I can make the most of my love of strategic techniques, and my knowledge of user-centred design techniques. My passion for learning, and my involvement in the software developement community. which means that I can continually bring the latest techniques and ideas to the team, ensuring the company is at the forefront of customer experiences.
1998 -
Training Courses MS DOS & Microsoft Windows 95.
2001 -
Training Course Microsoft Office.
2004 to 2011 -
Freelance learning of technologies and computer sciences.
2011 -
BA (High institute for computer science and administrative technologies in sohag)
Work Experience.
2001 - 2004
Working in computer maintenance in Egyptian internet cafes.
2004 - 2007
Working in ADSL reseller company in Sohag, (EGYNET).
2007 - 2011
Computer maintenance, ADSL, Networks, Web design, Web Development and Applications programming in Hurghada & Sharm El Shiekh.
I developed & designed sites for real estate companies, diving centers, aviation companies, night clubs, traiding companies, imports & exports companies, Hotels applications, online reservations application and databases APP's.
Web Design & Developement
In web design, i can do any web pages required for any projects

The following table represents the techniques i use to develop & design web pages, with an estimated percentage of my own appreciation.

Technique Percentage Comments
HTML 80 % I can do anything using HTML, implementing this language with any reports using any dev language i ever used.
CSS 65% Of course using CSS with HTML is very helpful, to finish your web pages with a good looking.
Javascript 15% Some web application requires an immediate action from the client side, so i had to learn Javascript.
JQuery 10% Sometimes ready to use Javascript functions is very helpful, but i'm planning to learn more about javascript and use my own functions in the future.

I use text editors with every technique, from the above table.
I'm also using some programs to create & edit images to proceed with pages design, such as :

Adobe photo shop
Macromedia Fireworks
Microsoft Paint :D

The following Table represents my experience in server side scripting languages.
...Please be noted that, this percentages is from my own appreciation...
Technique Percentage Comments
PHP 75 % First of all, my best referance for php is PHP.NET. I can do anything about inserting & selecting data from database, to view it to the client. I Know most of the functions on PHP.NET, and if it's not enough for me, of course like anybody else, i can write my own functions.
I'm very good in using GD library, so i can deal with any image to resize it or make it fit to the sites
Securing my scripts from all expected attacks.
While i'm writing in php, i do consider not to load the server with complicated operations. I keep my work simple as can as possible, To keep websites fast and also secured.
ASP Classic 10% I know all basics & standards of ASP classic, i used to learn it in my free times. I know all the basics on W3Schools...
ASP.NET Using VB 60% I'm very good actually in visual basic . NET. So it was not so hard to write in ASP.NET. Of course using Visual Studio. Please be noted that .NET Framework 3.5 is minimally required for my projects.
ASP.NET Using C# 5% I learned C#, but i didn't created any huge projects before.
JQuery 10% I like to use it with php.
Ajax 1% Planning to learn more about it. :D

Applications programming.

Now we are talking in business.

Any thing you can imagine about applications & database is possible.
The following table represents my knowledge in (Windows & Linux) Application programming:

...Please be noted that, this percentages is from my own appreciation...
Technique Percentage Comments
C/C++ 20% I use Visual C++ to create tools supporting other applications, at RunTime or at installation wizard process. To set reg keys or collecting information about the machine. stuff like that.
Microsoft VisualBasic.NET 95% Any dream & Idea, every thing you can imagine, about application, I can do it with VisualBasic.NET. Full Accounting programs, Chatting bettwean (one to one) & (one to many. Just tell me about your idea, and I will make it come true.
Microsoft VisualC#.NET 10% Some standards, but i didn't make a huge systems before.
Delphi 15% Some basics, but i didn't make a huge systems before.

The following table represents my knowledge in Databases:

...Please be noted that, this percentages is from my own appreciation...
Technique Percentage Comments
MS ACCESS :D 95% I'm sure that you know that all developers, has started work on database with MS ACCESS. :D
MS SQL SERVER (2000 to 2008) 95% I was forced to learn, MS SQL to create databases for my applications. Creating functions, stored procedures, mergeing, protection from injections, joined queries........
MY SQL 95% Also, learning php forced me to learn more about MY SQL, i think that, it's the same as MS SQL.
Other techniques.

The following table represents my knowledge in other techniques:

...Please be noted that, this percentages is from my own appreciation...
Technique Percentage Comments
100% PHP tought me about it.
100% ASP tought me about it.
100% Like any other developer :D
30% I didn't managed a VBS before, but i do know something about it.
100% PHP tought me about it.
30% I made some pages, and tested it on my phone :D. It worked as it should be :D
My upcoming dreams for software development.

The following table represents my dreams, in the next year. But this dreams requires a team, I'm Eager to be one of any team can work together to do this together :D

Title Start End Description
Full WEB CMS Aug 2011 END DEC 2011 Create a full content management system on the web using PHP, like (VBulletin, Joomla, Drupal,phpBB ......) can be suitable for anything like newspapers or any other organizations.
OS Jan 2012 END DEC 2012 I'm suffering from MS windows and other open source OS, I need to create one for me can be operated on one machine, to help me in database solutions. So I can monitor all attacks better.

Hobbies & Interests
I can spend hours while swiimming.
Scuba Diving:
In the red-sea, there is another world under the water.
Weight Lifting:
In 2005 i was a national champion under the age of 18 :D
Playing football:
I'm very good in Goalkeeping :D
Epic music, Hardcore music, soft music. I love Hans Zimmer music. And old Egyptian music
About Me
I know what does deadline means:
It's a commitment, when I say i will complete this project in 5 hours, that's means 5 hours, 5 days, means 5 days. Even if there is a lack of resources, except information resources about what exactly required. Actually, I used to work alone, and always had lack of resources, So I used to adapt with this.
Working Hours:
If I like what I'm doing, Then I can't stop. Once i stayed in the front of the machine for 5 days continuously. If it's as usual, I think I can work 10-12 hours daily. But if i'm thinking too much (Mind Abuse & Mind Fuck) I think that after 4 hours i will stop thinking, then proceed with usual work.

I really would like to join a team. I really need to focus on one thing, because working as an analyst & forefront with clients and developing, really abused my mind.

I love aviation field (Not the Career), I developed a huge system, using almost all of the techniques i know, for a ground handeling company. This company exists in all the Egyptian airports. Every office in Egypt (Operations Dept, Accounting Dept) are linked together. With an online tracking system, all foriegn airlines can know everything about the airliners, on the ground in Egypt, With a highly security procedures. And i can't provide more details about it on the internet.

If there is something i didn't told about my life please contact me on

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